Adding 'Client Details' to your clinic portal

Below is a guide on how to add prospective clients to your portal that you plan to connect with via Maslow.
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  • To add your prospective client's details to your clinic portal
  • Once you have confirmed your client is ready, to then forward an email to download Maslow
  • As well as forward an invoice for your client, so they can forward it to the NDIS or their NDIS Plan Manager

Before you get started

  1. Ensure you have access to your clinic portal
  2. Ensure you have the contact detail of your client you will be filling into your portal

Instructions: Linking a set of outcome measures to a child and their parent

  1. Go to the Little Heroes Portal via
  1. Once in the portal click on the tab ‘Client Details’
  2. Add the prospective client’s name under ‘User name (Child)’
  3. Add their parent’s name under ‘Parent Name’
  4. Add their parent’s email under ‘Parent Email’
  5. Once you have confirmed the client and their family are ready to access Maslow
  • Click ‘Ready to Email?’ and the parent will receive an email to download Maslow and await receiving your shared programs
  • Click ‘Ready to Invoice? and the parent will receive an email with an invoice which they can then forward directly to the NDIS or their plan manager

Additional Tips

  • Ensure to let your client and their family know that once they download Maslow that they will receive programs once you have created it and linked it to their profile
  • Ensure to let your clients know to choose the ‘Carer’ profile when downloading. This will allow them to have access to their child’s profiles, programs, or routines that are linked (if they have multiple children they will have access to all profiles from their ‘carer’ profile. The Maslow team will ensure each client profile is created and linked to the parent)
  • You are free to add the ‘NDIS number’ and ‘Contact Number’ when filling in your client's details

What's next?

  • Once you have added the details of your client and click ‘Ready to email?’ you are ready to start creating programs and sharing it with your client
  • Next, you can reference the ‘Linking outcome measures to a child and their parent’ guide when linking programs to your client's profiles

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