Adding 'Therapists' and 'support workers' to content to follow in the home

Below is a guide on how to link ‘Therapists’ or ‘Support Workers’ to outcome measure programs you have created.
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  • To add ‘Therapists’ or ‘Support Workers’ to your ‘team’
  • To then link ‘Therapists’ or ‘Support Workers’ to follow content in the home with their clients

Before you get started

  1. Ensure you have created the outcome measure program for your client in-app
  2. Ensure you have the contact details (mobile or email) of the team member you wish to add to your team
    1. Once added they will receive an email or SMS to download the Maslow app

Instructions: Linking outcome measures to a ‘Therapist’ or ‘Support Worker’

  1. First, click on ‘team’ on the bottom navigation bar to add the relevant ‘Therapist’ or ‘Support Worker’
  2. Click ‘Add Team Member’
    1. Add their name, profile type, and email or mobile number
    2. Click ‘Save’
    3. The team member will enter your team and if they have not downloaded yet it will say ‘pending’
    4. The team member added will receive an email or SMS to download Maslow
  3. Once the team member is saved in your team click on ‘Library’
  4. Then choose the relevant program e.g. ‘Gross Motor Obs Form’ or ‘Daily Reflection’
    1. Click into the program and click ‘edit’
    2. This will open into the editable section of the program and then click ‘Add Therapist’ or ‘Add Carer’
    3. Choose the relevant team members to link to the program
    4. Click ‘save’ in the top right corner
  5. Once the program is saved the team member will now have access to the program once they open up their Maslow app

Additional Tips

  • Note if you add someone to your ‘team’ and have not linked any content, once they open their app there will be no content until you have linked content you have created
  • If ‘clients’, ‘support workers’ or ‘therapists’ are awaiting content to follow in the app, then let them know to expect a program from yourself soon

What's next?

  • Once you have linked either ‘Therapists’ or ‘Social Workers’ to a program to follow, then the next step is for these team members to follow these programs in the home and leave feedback when visiting your client 
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