An overview of Maslow

Below is a quick guide of how the Maslow app works for those living with disabilities or family members who are caregivers.
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What is Maslow?

  • Maslow is a mobile application that allows someone living with a disability or a complex condition to structure a care routine and share it with all their support workers, as well as connect with their entire therapist team in one place.
  • Create care routines with tasks such as personal care, domestics, community access and even therapy across the week, save the routine, and add your support workers to be guided, follow and check off each task as complete. 
  • Additionally, access any therapy programs from each of your therapists in one place, for you or your support work team to follow along at home.

Before you get started

  1. Download the Maslow app -
  2. There are 3 profiles - User profile, Therapist Profile, Carer Profile 
    1. If you are an individual looking to manage the platform then choose a User account
    2. If you are a parent managing multiple children choose a Carer profile. Either speak with your therapist or clinic you are collaborating with, or reach out to the Maslow team for further assistance 

What's next?

  • You can create your own routines or programs 
  • You can connect with your specialists and wait to receive programs from your therapists or clinic
  • If you would like to learn how to independently create your own routines and programs to share with a care team book a free consultation via -

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