Linking outcome measures to a child and their parent

Below is a guide to linking outcome measures to children and their families. Once created, you can remotely track the completion of these programs in-app or on your portal.
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  • To create a team with a parent, their children, and their support workers in the Maslow App
  • To link each child to the appropriate set of outcome measures

Before you get started

  1. Ensure content has been added to the portal and is available in your app
  2. Ensure each parent/child has been added to the portal
  3. Ensure the parent appears as a 'carer' in 'your team' in the app
  4. Ensure that each “child” appears as a 'client' in your team in the app

Instructions: Linking outcome measures to a child and their parent

  1. Go to Library and select New Workout
  2. Click add client and select the child from the list
  3. Click add carer and select the parent from the list
  4. Provide a meaningful Workout Name (e.g. Sally's motor skill check-in)
  5. For each outcome measure you wish to add
    1. Select Choose from library
    2. Use the search and filter to find the appropriate outcome measure from your library
    3. Select the outcome measure and click Add To Workout
  6. Fill in the Target Per Week & Description (optional)
  7. Click Save Workout

Additional Tips

  • If there are support workers or therapists that you would like to review or track these outcome measures - simply add them as carers and therapists to the workout
  • When providing feedback the user will respond to each one in order. We recommend grouping together outcome measures that will be completed in one session.

What's next?

  • Any parents, support workers, and therapists that you have added to the content will be notified in-app
  • They will be able to log feedback for each child in the app when required
  • You will be able to view all of this feedback in the portal that we have provided
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