Add an existing or new client to an activity

Add a client to new or current activities. Once you add a client to an activity their program will automatically be saved in their profile.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 2 years ago

This feature allows you to automatically link clients to workouts for them to follow along at home or in the gym. Whether it's a new client or existing client once they have been added to an activity they will be ready to access the content straight away. Even when you create an activity for a new client, once that individual downloads the application, it will automatically populate into their profile ready to guide them on their rehab or ADL routine. 

Feature steps:

1. click on an existing activity or create a new activity

2. You will enter the overview screen and under the title, it will say "Add a client to this workout"

3. A drop-down list will appear of existing clients or to "invite a new client"

4. If you choose an existing client and save, the activity will automatically link to your client's profile

5. If it is for a brand new client add their email and click save

6. For new client's it still automatically saves into their profile. That client will receive an email, they will be guided to download Maslow, and once signed up they will have automatic access to the rehab or ADL activity you have created

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