Add a missed Stat

Sometimes we can be rushed and forget to click we completed an activity. With this feature, you will be able to click you completed activities within two days of its completion.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 2 years ago

You may be have been rushed and forgot to click complete on the activity, or you may just know your activity off by heart and just forgot to log it in for your stats for the week. This feature will help you keep track of your progress with up to 2 days from the completion of the activity. 
Feature Steps:

  1. Find the activity in your library that you want to log the stat for
  2. Without clicking into the activity there will be a button that says 'complete' on the bottom right of the activity tile 
  3. Click 'complete' and it will open up to a green screen
  4. In the middle of the screen it will say 'completed 'today'
  5. Click on 'today' 
  6. This will take you to a screen to choose whether you completed the activity 'today', 'yesterday', or 'the day before' 
  7. Click complete and your stat will be logged into your 'activity' log 
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