Add exercises from the clinic library

As a clinic you will have access to your clinical library of exercises. Select exercises from your library to share across with your clients to access on their phone. Client's can follow along at home or in the gym.
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Updated 1 year ago

This feature allows therapists to share exercises directly from your clinic library. Share across the upper body, lower body, or core workouts. This will allow ease of sharing of workout programs for your client and also guarantee the life long shelf life of your program digitally for your client. Clients can access this forever, be guided independently at home, or show support staff to be guided on assisted exercises. 

Feature Steps:

1. Go to the library section and click the green (+) button

2. Add an activity title

3. Click on "Add a client to this workout" to add a new or existing client (new clients will receive an email to download Maslow before accessing the workout)

4. Set a weekly target e.g. twice a week - 2/7

5. Click "Add exercise" + "Select exercise from library"

6. Add each of your clients' exercises by searching by category (core, upper body, lower body), or directly searching for the exercise in the search bar

7. Once you have found the relevant exercise click on it and click "Add to workout"

8. Click the tick icon on the top right to save your client's activity and it will immediately be shared across to your client 


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