Add multiple photos or videos

Add video or picture content to activities to guide either yourself or support staff on best practice, techniques, or setup of activities. You can record content yourself or with your therapist to add into your activities.
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Updated 2 years ago

Recorded content created with your therapists or trainers can guide you on how to best complete an exercise, how to set up the exercise, or whats techniques you need to be aware of when completing the exercise. 

This content can not only be used to guide you, but also your support staff and family. Content can be exercise, manual handling, or self-care videos or pictures to ensure you and your support network know exactly what to do. You can add multiple videos or pictures to each exercise task. 

It is recommended to keep recorded videos for support staff short and clear to ensure easy education of your support team. 

Feature Steps:

  1. Click the plus button in the library to create a new activity 
  2. Go to add exercise to create your first exercise task 
  3. The screen will open to the first screen that requires details for that exercise. At the very top, there will be 'Add/Remove Media' icon
  4. Click this and it will take you to click on options of library, your camera, to record a live video, or remote a current file
  5. Click 'library' if you have recorded content saved in your phone gallery 
  6. Choose the video or picture 
  7. Slide the video to the left to add more videos or pictures. There is no limit to how many you can add for each exercise 
  8. You may want to add more content if multiple videos are required to guide you or your support staff 
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