Add your therapists and carers to your team

Have your entire support team in the one place!
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 2 years ago

It can be challenging remembering all the exercise content you receive from therapists and communicating your progress. It can also be challenging educating an entire care team that support you at home. Maslow allows you to digitally receive all exercise, rehab, and manual handling activities created by your therapists. You can also educate and manage your entire care team in one place. All therapists and carers added on the platform receive their own free customised app to provide you with the support you need from home

Feature Steps:

1. Click on 'Feed'

2. Click the home-bar in the top right corner

3. Click 'Team Management'

4. This will open up to the screen 'Manage your Team'. This will be your area to add therapists and carers

5. Click the green '+' button

6. To add a therapist - click 'therapist' and add their name, email then click save

7. To add a carer - click 'carer' and add their name, email and click save

Once added they will be part of your team. You can add any therapists to any activity created in the library (e.g. exercises, manual handling tasks, pressure care checks etc). You can also add any carers to a care routine so they know how to best support you each day. 

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