Completing an activity

Complete activities by yourself or with a carer present. You now can always have access to guided programs created by your therapists.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 2 years ago

This feature will allow you to know exactly what to do when completing an activity set by your therapist. Video and picture content, as well as clear descriptions, will ensure you or your carers will never forget what needs to be done or how to do it. 

Feature steps:

  1. Choose the relevant activity from your library
  2. Do a quick review of your consistency stats at the top of the overview page 
  3. Your exercise list will appear. Click on individual exercises to get a brief overview
  4. When ready click start
  5. If there is video content press play to be guided on what to do
  6. Slide left on all video or picture content if multiple vids/pics have been added
  7. Click 'See Description' to be provided with details on the exercise 
  8. Click 'Log' to access the feedback log 
  9. Continue to click next as you complete each exercise 
  10. Once you have clicked complete it will be saved as a stat in your 'Activity' log 

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