Create a daily care routine for your carers to follow along

Make sure your cares know exactly what to do and how to safely support you in the home.
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Updated 2 years ago

This feature has been designed to allow you to educate your carers on what do and how to safely support you in the home. 

Save time explaining to carers on how you want your care done or how to safely do a task such as manual handling. You can create morning routines, night routines, assisted exercise programs, or even an education module to guide your carers. 

For example, a 'Morning Routine' may have manual handling tasks, personal care tasks, domestic tasks, general household tasks, or medical tasks such as a pressure care check or catheter management. 

If needed you can create guided content for complex tasks so your carers know exactly how to safely support you in that task. 

Feature Steps:

1. Click Routines

2. Click Manage 

3. Click the green button 

4. This will open to the routine you are creating

5. Add a routine name e.g. 'Morning Routine'

6. Allocate a time it will be completed

7. Add your relevant carers that will be completing this routine across the week (refer to the tutorial 'Add your therapists and carers to your team' if you need to add carers)

- Click on the carer tab underneath adding a time 

- Click 'Add a carer to this routine'

- A drop down will appear with your whole care team you have added. Link the relevant carers to the routine 

- click save 

8. Click 'Add Task' + 'Create New Task' to add your first care task

9. Add a task name e.g. bed to shower chair transfer, wash dishes, pressure care check

10. Click 'Add/Remove media' to add pictures and videos to guide how to do the task (you can add multiple pictures and videos for each task)

11. Add what days the task needs to be completed 

12. Add a description for the task

13. Link guided content for more detailed tasks e.g. a bed to shower chair transfer (refer to 'How to link guided education content to care tasks')

14. Click save

15. Add more tasks that are required to be completed in the routine 

16. Once all tasks have been added for the routine click 'Save' in the top right corner 

17. You will now see your new saved routine 

18. Click 'Today' to show you what routines and tasks are to be completed today. All linked carers will also have access to the same information to follow and check-off as complete

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