Creating an activity for your client

Create activities for your clients to independently follow along at home or in the gym. Add pictures or videos to guide your client or to guide their support staff if the activity requires assistance.
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Create activities for your client whether it be a workout, fine motor activity, manual handling, pressure care checks, respiratory training, cardiovascular, stretching, or ADL training. As a therapist, you can create guided content for the relevant therapeutic activities that are important for your client to be guided on, tracked, and communicated between their support network. 

Feature Steps:

1. Go to the library section and click the green (+) button

2. Add a title for the activity

3. Click "Add a client to this workout". A drop-down menu will appear with existing clients on your profile. Click on the relevant client's name.

4. If it is a brand new client click "Invite new client" and they will receive the download link in their email. Once signed up they will automatically have access to that workout in their library.

5. Add a high-level description of the activity. This could be a high-level overview of the workout, requirements, precautions or supports they may need.

6. Add a target for the week. (To complete twice a week - 2/7)

7. Click "Add exercise" + "Create new exercise" to add your first activity

8. Add videos or pictures to the exercise. You can add multiple pictures or videos for each exercise. This content is recorded while on the floor with your client or remotely and shared across. Videos and pictures are directly uploaded from your gallery on your phone.

9. Add a description for the exercise

10. Add reps, sets, time, tips, or equipment

11. Click save on the top right, add more exercises if needed, and then save the activity

12. Once you have clicked save the activity will appear in your client's library. You will be able to track their adherence, respond to feedback, edit the workout, or share new workouts. If it is a new client they will automatically join your list of clients you manage. 

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