Edit and delete an activity

Edit activities if you require to upgrade, downgrade, or even update new content into your activity. Additionally delete unused activities if required.
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Updated 2 years ago

Use this feature to modify programs based on performance, to add new content and exercises. Work with your therapist to upgrade or downgrade activities based on how you're progressing.

Feature Steps:

  1. Go to your library and slide up or down to find the relevant activity to be edited
  2. Once you have found the activity on the bottom right you will see an edit icon (shaped like a pencil)
  3. This will open to the overview screen. You can edit the title, add or delete therapists, modify the overview description, and set new targets per week
  4. To edit individual exercises you will need to choose the exercise you want to edit and click the edit icon
  5. Once you click edit on an individual exercise you will be able to add/delete video or picture content, change exercise titles, descriptions, reps, sets, times, tips, and equipment
  6. Once you have completed the edit click save on the top right 
  7. To delete an individual exercise slide the exercise to the left and then click delete
  8. Once you have finished editing your activity ensure you click save which is the green tick top right corner of the overview screen. If you do not click the green tick your edits will not save
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