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Everyone’s care & rehab is different. However, it can be really challenging to remember, implement and teach your support team all rehab content that you’ve received from therapists. Maslow acts as your team manager - a digital, one-stop place for all your care & rehab needs. 

In this video we took a deep dive into the Home page of Maslow. Here you can:

  • View your next steps to completing your Maslow profile
  • Review the base workouts you have created
  • Access the workouts that your therapists have created for you
  • See new feed items

Let’s explore these features below!

Viewing Your Maslow Profile Completion Level

  1. Under “Finish setting up Maslow…” your progress bar will show you how close you are to completing your Maslow profile setup.
  2. Under the progress bar select the next step in setting up Maslow.
  3. You will be taken to a page that discusses what you need to do next.

Reviewing Your Self-Created Base Workouts

  1. Select the base workout you would like to review.
  2. To run through the workout, select “Start”. For therapists, it’ll be shown in “view-only” mode.
  3. Select “Edit” to make changes to the workout.
  4. Click the individual exercises to view their descriptions.
  5. Select the message box in the top-right corner to view the workout’s “Feedback Log”.
  6. Select “Duplicate for Client” to share with clients.

Accessing Workouts 

Accessing workouts follow the same process as “Reviewing Your Self-Created Base Workouts”.

Keeping Up-to-date With the Newest Info From Maslow

Scrolling to the bottom of Maslow’s Home Page, you’ll find the newest information sent by us!

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