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Updated 1 year ago

Everyone’s care & rehab is different. However, it can be really challenging to remember, implement and teach your support team all rehab content that you’ve received from therapists. Maslow acts as your team manager - a digital, one-stop place for all your care & rehab needs. 

In this video we took a deep dive into the “Team” section of Maslow. As the leader of your dream team, you have the ability to add and remove users, therapists and carers from your team and only allow those people to view your care & rehab routines. 

Follow the tutorials to add and remove members from your team!

Adding Members to Your Dream Team:

  1. Click on the “Team” tab
  2. Select “Add Team Member”
  3. Fill out your team member’s information
  4. Invite your team members by their email, phone number (either directly or from your contacts), unique QR or invite codes.
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Your team members will appear under their account type and will either have immediate access if they have created their account or will be “Pending” until they download the Maslow app and create their account.

Removing Members From Your Dream Team:

  1. Click on the “Team” tab
  2. Select “Manage”
  3. Click the “X” next to the team member you would like to remove from your team
  4. Click “Remove”

The member will be immediately removed from your team.

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