How to link guided education content to care tasks

Link guided content with pictures or videos to make sure your carers know exactly how to complete a task.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 2 years ago

Some tasks require more education and support for your carers to complete it in a safe manner. These tasks can also take a lot of time to explain. Creating guided content around tasks such as manual handling, personal care, or assisted exercises can help guide your carers on how to best support you. Once created you can link the guided content to the relevant task e.g. a bed to wheelchair transfer.

Feature Steps: 

1. Click 'Routines'

2. Click 'Manage'

3. Click the edit icon on the relevant routine

4. Click the edit icon on the relevant task 

5. Click 'Link guided content' 

6. This will open to your library of guided activities that you or your therapists have created

7. Choose the activity and click 'Add to routines' 

8. Click 'Save' in the task

9. Click 'Save' for the whole routine 

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