Independently check-off a daily care routine

You can check-off completed care tasks yourself! This maybe how you prefer to make sure all tasks are complete.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 2 years ago

Each carer will have their free customised app to see what care routines and tasks need to be completed for the day. When they access the Maslow app they will see what routines and tasks are due for the day. On completion, they can check-off each task as completed. 

This process is the same for you. You can check-off the tasks independently if you prefer to manage it yourself, or check off a missed task that was completed later. 

Feature Steps:

1. Click on routines

2. This will open up to all the routines that are due 'Today'

3. Click on the relevant routine e.g. Morning Routine 

4. Check-off each task 

5. A green bar will fill up until all tasks is completed

6. Additionally each completed task will have a tick to indicate they are completed 

7. **Note that if a task has guided content. Click into the task. Click the linked guided content and follow along to the guided activity. Click 'Complete' on the activity. Then 'Complete' on the care task. 

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