Leaving feedback on a care routine for your client and the care team

Provide live updates on routines and care tasks to keep the whole team up-to-date in supporting your client.
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Updated 2 years ago

This feature has been designed to allow clear communication across the support team for your client. This can be used to stay updated around the care routine, comment on assisted rehab exercises, or comments on issues that have come up in the care routine. This will allow you to stay up-to-date on what's happening with your client.

Some care tasks may have linked guided content such as an assisted exercise program or a pressure care check. If a therapist is linked to that guided content you may update the therapist as well around any issues or progress if required.

Feature Steps:

1. Click 'Routines

2. Click the relevant routine 

3. At the top right corner of the routine click on the chatlog 

4. leave any comments, pictures, or videos to update the care team

5. To leave comments on a specific care task click on an individual task 

6. Click 'Log'

7. Comments, videos, or pictures will be linked to the specific task selected

Leaving feedback on a guided activity and/or for their therapist 

1. Click on the relevant routine 

2. Click on the relevant task e.g. assisted exercise or pressure care check 

3. Click on linked guided activity in the task 

4. Click on the chatlog in the right corner of the activity 

5. Leave comments, videos, or pictures

6. **Note if the activity has a linked therapist you will see their name at the top of the chatlog 

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