Review and respond to feedback on activities

Have direct communication with your client from home to track feedback on activities such as queries, pains, injuries, drops inconsistency, or sharing of video/picture content to track technique or improvement.
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The benefit of the feedback log is a direct line of communication with your client from home. This will allow a deeper lense into some of the successes or challenges your client may be facing outside of the gym. All feedback is logged with a time and a date and these include areas such as progress, pains, injuries, reasons for reduced consistency, or even sharing of pictures/videos to highlight technique and progress over time. This function can also be used to answer basic queries. Leverage this function not as a chat, but as an opportunity to track your client's progress over the year and review the need for changes in programs or goals.

Feature Steps:

1. There are two ways to access the feedback log

2. From the library, click on "Filter workout by your client"

3. A drop-down list of your clients will appear and choose your client

4. Choose the activity and you will enter the overview screen

5. At the top right corner there will be a chat icon. Click this and it will lead to the feedback section 'specifically' for that activity

6. Review your client's feedback and respond with a text or visual content as required

7. The second option is by going through the logbook function

8. In a similar way filter by your client and you will be taken to the adherence section of Maslow

9. Click on the relevant activity which will lead you to the activity overview screen

10. From here click on the chat icon in the top right which will lead you to the feedback log

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