Setting a weekly activity target

Help to stay on track with your weekly goals by setting a target for each activity. This will help keep you accountable for what you aim to achieve each week.
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Updated 2 years ago

This feature allows you to choose important activities that have to be completed each week. Your goal may be to complete a strength activity 3 times a week for example and this will show your stats in your activity log if you are reaching those targets.

Make sure you make targets achievable for yourself. Work with your therapists to set targets if required for important activities. 

Feature Steps:

  1. You can set targets within new activities or existing ones. The process is both the same
  2. If it is a new activity click on the green + button in your library 
  3. If it is an existing activity click on the edit button on your chosen activity 
  4. Under the overview description of the activity, it will say 'targets per week'
  5. Add a number to indicate how many times in a week you aim to complete this activity 
  6. The target will appear in your activity log e.g. 'Strength Workout - 0/3 completed'
  7. As you complete the chosen activity a green bar will appear that will be filled once all sessions have been completed to meet the required target 
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