Track adherance of your client's activities

Remotely track the consistency of the rehab homework you set for your clients. This will help support and guide intervention, track progress, and improve communication on prescribed home programs.
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Updated 2 years ago

This feature will allow you to track the consistency and adherence across the year with home or gym rehab programs you have set for your client. This will give you a remote lense into how your client is performing, and provide the opportunity to more clearly upgrade or downgrade a rehab program based on consistency. 

You may identify the program is too easy or not achievable through these insights and be able to modify your programs to match your client's needs. Historical data will allow insights into off weeks where a client may have experienced pain, had an injury or had life commitments that dropped their consistency. 

It is recommended you encourage your clients to document good or bad feedback on progress such as achievements, metrics, pains, injuries or reasons for not completing a program to support tracking progress across the year. 

Note: You will only be able to see workouts you have created for your client. If your client has made their own workouts they must invite you in order to track their adherence and consistency for other activities they may be completed across the week. 

Feature Steps:

1. Click on the logbook

2. At the top click on "Filter Workouts by Client"

3. A drop-down menu will appear with your list of clients

4. Choose your client and it will open into their current week's adherence stats

5. It will only show you the activities you have created for your client or other activities your client has given you access to track

6. At the top left corner click the arrow button to see previous weeks stats

7. If you wish to look at the feedback left on an activity you can access this directly from here by choosing the activity in the stats section and clicking "Go to Workout"

8. This will take you directly to the activity overview to access the feedback feature 

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