Track your activity history

Track the consistency of your activities. This will give you a lense across the year on how your progressing. It will help keep you accountable and if you connect with your therapists they can have a lense on how you are progressing with your homework.
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Updated 2 years ago

Use this feature to show you how consistent you are being across the week or year. This feature will allow you to track how you are progressing and give you a insights into your general performance. It will provide you with an insight of how consistent you are and also show you where you were not so consistent as well. 

The quieter weeks will allow you to reflect if it was because of pain, injury, or if you were just too busy that week. Tracking of history also may help identify if a program has to be modified to ensure more achievable goals are being met. 

Feature Steps:

  1. Click on the activity feature on the bottom navigation bar
  2. This will take you to the activity with your stats for each activity for the week
  3. Each activity will show what days you have completed the activity if you have met your targets for the week, and how many weeks in a row you have completed the activity
  4. To see your stats for the rest of the year, in the top left corner click the green arrow to see previous weeks consistency stats 

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