Link collaborating Therapists and Support Workers, to a parent and child you are supporting via the Maslow Portal

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Updated 11 months ago


  • Link collaborating Therapists and Support workers to a parent and child profile 

Before you get started

  1. Ensure you have your Therapist or Support Worker's name, email, and mobile 

Instructions: Adding clients details in your portal 

  1. Sign into the Maslow portal with your login details 
  2. Scroll down to Parents/Caregivers & Dependents 
  3. Click on the parent's name 
  4. Scroll down and under Children/Dependents will be the one or more children listed 
  5. Click on the child's name
  6. To link a therapist click Add Therapist
    1. Click Create New, fill in the relevant Therapists first name, last name, email, and mobile 
    2. Note if you are the treating therapist you must link your own details to be connected
    3. Click Create New 
  7. To link a support worker follow the same process

Additional Tips

  • Once a Therapist or Support Worker has been added, you will be able to link them to other parents / children by clicking Add Existing when linking team members again

What's next?

  • Create programs and link it to the parent and children profiles 
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