How to add parents and children you are tracking in your Maslow Portal

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  • To add parents and their children to your client list in the Maslow Portal
  • To be able to have a list of parents and linked children in one place 
  • For parents to be able to be automatically linked to one or more children once they access their Maslow account (in-app)

Before you get started

  1. Have the parent's name, email, and mobile 
  2. Have the one or more children's names that will be linked to the parent 

Instructions: Adding clients details in your portal 

  1. Sign in to the Maslow portal with your login details 
  2. In the top right corner click New Client
  3. Click on the client type and choose Primary Caregiver 
  4. Fill in the parent's details 
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Email and mobile 
    4. Click Save Changes 
  5. Then scroll down to see under Parents/Caregivers & Dependants
  6. Find the parent's name you have added to your list
  7. To link to the child or children to the parent click on the parent's name 
    1. Click Add Dependent(s)
    2. Type Dependent's name (child) and click +
    3. If there is more than one child that is being supported repeat the above step
    4. Click Save

Additional Tips

  • Communicate with the parent to choose the 'carer' profile 

What's next?

  • The parent to download the Maslow app and have access to their two children in their team 
  • Follow the tutorial on linking collaborating therapists and support workers to the parent and child profile
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