Link 'Therapists' and 'Support Workers' to your client in the Maslow portal

Below is a guide to link a collaborating therapy or support worker team to a client
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  • To link collaborating 'Therapists' or 'Support Workers' to a client in the Maslow portal 
  • As a clinician be able to view your team that is collaborating with each client 
  • To automatically have the 'client' populate into each collaborating therapist or support worker's team in their Maslow app 

Before you get started

  1. Ensure you have your team member's name, email, and/or mobile 

Instructions: Linking collaborating therapists or support workers to your client in the portal 

Note as the primary therapist using the portal you will need to link yourself to the client first in order to be connected in-app. Use this process below.
  1. Sign in to the Maslow portal with your login details 
  2. Under Direct Clients, you will see your clients name you have already added 
  3. Click on your client's name 
    1. Your client's details will appear 
  4. Then click Add Therapist (If you are aiming to link a therapist)
    1. Then click Create New 
    2. Add their First and Last name
    3. Add their Email and/or Mobile number 
  5. Click Create Now
  6. Repeat the same process for any support workers you would like to link to the client 

Additional Tips

  • Once you have added yourself, collaborating therapists, or support workers to your client, you will be able to link the same profiles to other clients 
  • When linking an existing collaborating therapist in the portal
    • Click on the client's name
    • Client Add Therapist
      • Click Add Existing
      • Click on the existing therapist's name 
      • Click Link to client 
  • Repeat this process for any collaborating support workers as well

What's next?

  • Once the linked therapist or support worker downloads the Maslow app they will have in their 'Team' the client and relevant supporting team member
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