Maslow App: Creating care routines for your client

Once you have added your client in the Maslow portal and linked the collaborating support team, you can now easily create the weekly care routine in the Maslow app!
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  • To create a weekly care routine for your client
    • This includes tasks such as personal care, domestics, manual handling, or community access to be followed and tracked in the home
  • To connect the support worker team to check-off each care task as complete 
    • All connected client and team members will be able to track the consistency of the care routine complete and any updates on the care routine 

Before you get started

  1. Ensure you have added your client's details in the Maslow portal
  2. Ensure you have linked the relevant support workers or therapists to the client in the Maslow portal
    1. This will automate the linking of clients and teams in the Maslow app 
  3. When opening your personal profile (carer or therapist profile), ensure the client and team is linked in your 'team' in the Maslow app 

Instructions: Creating a weekly care routine for your client and linking the supporting team 

** Note to ensure to add your client and link the supporting team in the portal and these users will be saved in your 'team' in the Maslow app

  1. Open up your Maslow app 
  2. On the navigation bar click 'Team' and ensure your client and teams members are linked in-app 
  3. Click on 'Routines'
  4. Click '+ New Routine'
  5. This will open the care routine overview and you can fill in the relevant details 
    1. Routine name e.g. John's Morning Routine
    2. Approximate Start time 
    3. Click +Add client and link the relevant client 
    4. Click +Add Carer or +Add Therapist and link the relevant support team 
    5. Click Create Basic Task
  6. This will open into the first task to be followed 
    1. Add the first Task Name e.g. Wake up, Complete Shower, Take Medication
    2. Choose whether it's done Everyday or completed on specific days by clicking Weekly
    3. Add any relevant Media (photos or videos) and any relevant Notes for the first task 
  7. Click Save Task
  8. Your first task with the allocated days will be saved in the routine. Progress to click Create Basic Task to add the second care task to be followed in the home
  9. Once you have created the entire weekly routine ensure to click Save Routine 

Additional Tips

  • Once saved the routine will show the relevant day's tasks e.g if the day is Wednesday, all Wednesday tasks will appear
  • To edit the weekly routine click Edit
  • To check of care tasks click the circle on each task 
  • For the client or supporting team member to leave an update click the green chat box in the top right corner of the routine 

What's next?

  • For support team members to follow the care routine in the home, check off care tasks, and leave updates for the client and team to see
  • To track the consistency and quality of the care routine being completed 
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