How to create a program for your client via the Maslow Portal

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create and add programs for your client using the Maslow Portal.
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  • To successfully create a program template using your clinic or agency's existing content library. 
  • To successfully edit a program you have created prior to sending it to your client and their team.
  • To successfully send the completed program to your client and their team.

Before you get started

  • Ensure all clients are added and their details are correct.
  • Ensure all support workers, therapists and caregivers have been added and their details are correct.

Steps: Creating a program for your client

When creating a program, you are choosing from an existing content library that you, your clinic or your care agency has added in.
  1. Click Add Program.
  2. Fill in the details of the program:
    1. Name: Give your program a title.
    2. Type: Choose the type of program you are making.
    3. Description: Give a brief explanation or summary of the program.
    4. Select Activities: Search for activities to add to your program from your existing content library.
  3. Click Add Program again to finish creating this program.
    1. If you need to edit your program, make sure you edit it before you send it to your client.
    2. After this step, your program is ready to be sent to your client
  4. Click Send to Client.
  5. Repeat for each program you create for your client.

Steps: Editing your program 

You can only edit your program prior to sending it to your client and their team. After you click Send to Client, you will not be able to edit the program via the Maslow Portal. You will only be able to edit it through the Maslow App.
  1. Click on the program you created.
  2. Click Edit on the top right corner.
  3. Edit any details that need to be changed in the program, i.e.:
    1. Change the program type.
    2. Add more information to the description.
    3. De-select any activities that you don't want included in the program or select activities you want to add in the program.
  4. Click Save Edit on the bottom right corner.

Additional information

What's next?

  • Follow the programs you have created via the Maslow App.
  • Check in with your client and their team to confirm that they have received the new program.
  • Contact us via HelpCrunch, email: or mobile 0448 882 144 for further questions, queries or feedback.
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