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Communicate with your care team

Communicate and update your care team in real time around your care needs.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 11 months ago

This feature can be used to communicate changes or updates in the routine. It can also be used to communicate feedback on assisted care tasks or assisted exercises done with carers. 

You can communicate issues that might occur in your personal care routine. It could be an adverse event like a pressure sore and updates on the management of it, or even changes in the care routine that you need to update your care team on.

Note all carers linked to a routine will be updated on any feedback or comments. You may have multiple carers linked to a routine. This allows the opportunity for all carers to be up-to-date on your care needs. 

Feature Steps:

Leave a comment on a routine

1. Click on 'Routines' 

2. This will take you to the routines due 'Today'

3. Click on the relevant routine 

4. In the top right corner click the chatlog

5. Leave any comments, pictures, or videos 

6. All feedback and updates will have a date and time

Leave a comment on a task

1. Click on the relevant routine 

2. Click on the relevant task e.g. bed transfer 

3. Click 'Log'

4. Leave any comments, pictures, or videos 

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