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Cloning a workout from one client to another

This article will describe how to clone a workout from one client to another. This will create an exact copy of the workout for the new client.
Written by Maslow Team
Updated 9 months ago

Copying a workout to a new client

In order to create a copy of a workout for a different client, you will need to find the workout you wish to copy, remove the original client, and add the new client.

This will result in a copy being created of the workout - one for the original client and one for the new client.

  1. Go to Library in the bottom menu
  2. Go to the Workout you wish to copy to a new participant
  3. Click the edit () button
  4. Remove the original client from the workout
  5. Add the new client
  6. Click Save the team section
  7. Click to save the workout
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